Duplicate Studio


Just Show Up

Being creative is about showing up. Showing up to the canvas or the open laptop or the class or the studio. It’s about showing up emotionally and physically and prioritising your time and energy. I showed up throughout uni, I was involved and motivated. I showed up and thought about the future and was excited by design. Then I wasn’t.

I made it my continued mission this year to start showing up again. Part of this promise was applying for things to give myself deadlines and structure. It’s not an understatement to say that this sort of thinking has changed my life. My jaunt to Sydney to do the zine fairs earlier this year was part of that and just by showing up I was handed a great opportunity. Someone from the State Library of Victoria came up to my stall and had a flip through my Hi—Lo zine and ended up buying eight of them. 

I didn’t question it as I was gathering them together for her, squealing internally with excitement at the thought of someone actually paying for my work. She politely prompted me, asking if I knew why she was buying eight of them. It was for an exhibition that is currently on at the State Library called ‘Self-made: zines and artist books’. My zine is sitting on a shelf with so many fabulous zines all for the viewing and reading pleasure of patrons. I know we shouldn’t rely on outside validation but my god it was good to see that my (well flipped through) zine was sitting in that gallery. A little symbol of what showing up can feel like.

‘Self-made: zines and artist books’ is on at the State Library of Victoria in the Cowen Gallery until the 12th of November. If you see my zine send me a snap!

Edward Hubber