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The past week has been an absolute whirlwind! As many of you know I had a stall at the Melbourne Art Book Fair this year at the NGV and boy was it crazy!! I’ve been preparing for this event for a good few months and seeing it all finally come together was moments for me personally. 

This event housed the debut of two books that I’ve been working on for essentially a year; ’Lobsters Live Forever’ - a catalogue of lobster artefacts - and ‘nothing to see here’ - a compendium of collage completed over about 18 months. Both of the books had immense troubles in production as i opted to use an online publisher that was less than helpful - to put it nicely. But they did both arrive, before the fair, and were available for people to flip through and buy so…success!

I really love attending fairs as a stall holder, the sense of comradely with the other sellers, the chats you have with all sorts of people and the pride you get to show in your work. It’s like sharing a very special part of yourself to lots of people who are quite tender with it. I think it’s these sort of events that will become essential to my practise moving forward. Publishing is for the public so fairs and markets are a perfect physical manifestation of these ideals. On a more selfish level it also means I get to meet really interesting people and buy their stuff! Win!

So cheers to the next fair, and happy writing and creating everyone!

P.S. I can never thank the people in my life enough for all the support and help and guidance they give me. Just another example of how art and design creates communities and connections and deepens friendships. 

Lobsters Live Forever

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This hardcover publication featuring over 60 full colour pages, documents the all pervasive icon of the lobster on everything from kitchenware to classical painting. It aims to explore the lobster as a cultural symbol that is used, abused and recycled for eternity. Lobsters truly are everything and everywhere.

Edward Hubber