Duplicate Studio


Zines and Collage at MCA


One of my favourite things about doing markets is the hustle and bustle at the start of the day, as everyone sets up for the day and makes small talk with their neighbours. There was hundreds of zine makers selling their wares at the MCA Zine Fair this year and the atmosphere was feeling crafty and lively. There’s a beautiful sense of community at these fairs, they make me feel connected and vibrant and creative and alive.

I was so excited to be running a collage workshop with Mrs C and Me - a zinester and collage artist from Sydney. We had a great time cutting things out with people and chatting all things collage! The awesome people at MCA had collected the coolest bunch of stuff for everyone to cut out: maps, kids books, history textbooks - all together it made such great combinations! It ended up being such a cute couple of hours out on the lawn, surrounded by the Sydney-ist things I could imagine: the bridge, the opera house and a bunch of ibis’ staring intently with their dinosaur eyes. Workshops are definitely something I want to do more of - it unites two of my favourite things - collage and people! Making a local collage club is the answer…

It was such a whirlwind of a trip, I ran to get the airport train right after the fair and was back in dark, cold, Melbourne in just a couple of hours. After the sunshine and smiling people of Sydney it was nice to be in the grimy, concrete clad suburbia of Melbourne - home :-)

Edward Hubber